Cycles: Womb Awakening Wisdom

A weekend experience devoted to womb cycles & rhythms



Do you know the wisdom of your cycle?


Beyond bleeding & ovulation, do you recognize & incorporate the very specific energies of the 4 phases of your cycle into your work, your self-care, & your personal development?


Are you able to easily maintain healthy boundaries & hold space for yourself when needed?


This workshop is all about anchoring deeply into the wisdom of your womb, her cycles, & receiving practices on how to stay attuned to your natural inner rhythm. Through physical embodiment practices, profound imagery & embodied dreaming healing, breathwork, and energetic rituals, we are healing the connection between mind, heart & womb. With alignment of the 3, we easily live in fulfillment & greater creative capacity.


The wisdom of the womb relates deeply to the capacity to which one is able to hold themselves, with clear & supportive boundaries through all of life's tides & turns.


Join us to awaken & strengthen your natural capacities.


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