Sensual Explorations Online: 3 Month Journey

This course is designed for You to reclaim your innocence through your inner sense of what it means to be a sensually alive & activated woman. 

What is sensuality?

What place does sensuality have in your life?


Do you allow yourself to feel all that's already moving within you? 

Over the course of 13 weeks we explore sensuality in depth & dive deep. Composed of 6 live 90minute online meetings, and 7 bi-weekly video releases, plus bonuses along the way, you are given a grand opportunity to claim your sensual sovereignty now.

During our 6 X 90minute online meetings we unpack our cultural conditionings & rewire our nervous systems to relax into being.


It is in being exactly as you are that your sensuality is set free. Our main tools of transformation in our live calls are profound Imagery & Embodied Dreaming- ancient & powerful practices to integrate throughout your life & daily experiences. 

Together we clear the way for your sensual expression with video's for you to explore along the way. Each video describes & demonstrates various breathing techniques from traditions around the world & feminine embodiment practices.


All video practices are an invitation & encourage greater embodiment & cultivation of personal power. These are practices to be developed on your own & to be of support to you in your daily awakening.

In between our online meetings, you have access to a secret Facebook group. This online container is for your questions & expressions, and a place to develop connection & sisterhood with fellow participants. We are on this journey together, & Lindsey is here for your support & guidance throughout the 13 weeks. 

This journey is an initiation to your own unique pathway of sensual awakening, aliveness & continued activation. The goal is not pleasure, the increased pleasure is a side effect; the real goal is authenticity. 


Will you answer the call to authenticity? 

Journey Begins 23 April.

First live online meeting is 30th April at 19h30 CET. 

Journey Ends July 16th.

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Are you ready to join the Exploration? 

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